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'Just Breathe' Ballgown from Ever After

I've always wanted to do this gown and I'm finally getting around to it. The gown is extreemly intricate with antique laces and bullion detailing.  Of course I would want to make this dress.  :p

Instead of bullion I used bugle beads and flowered rhinestones for trimming.  Hundreds and hundreds of beads and rhinestones have been hand sewn on.  I changed the wings for smaller more natural looking ones as I wore this gown originally to a 600 person indoor event.  The big ones would be impractical.  I'm really happy with how the whole thing came together!  And I can tell you this; mine is a whole lot sparklier than the real one!  ;)

Made from sparkling metallic silver crinkle silk and has an undergown of soft silk charmeuse.  This gown can be created in varying degrees of accuracy;   please inquire if your  budget is something in between.  Ultimate version has hand done bullion embroidery in the movie appropriate pattern in the trim of the entire overskirt.  Pearls, rhinestones and more embroidery and laces are dripping from this gown.  There is an alternating scale design on the silk panels.  Deluxe version has a machine embroidered trim and is embellished with Swarovski rhinestones.  Moderate version has no embellished trim on the overskirt; still has rhinestones, beading and bullion on the chest.


Completed Gown 

Finished shoes

Side view of shoes

Finished gown w/ flash

3/4 view w/ flash

other 3/4 w/ flash

No flash full gown

No flash 3/4 view

No flash 3/4 view

Progress Pics

Started edging the trim

The start of the bodice!

Love the cream silk.  I added all the individual bugle beads to the lace btw.

The shoes after their first lining of fabric and first layer of paint.  They used to be a horrid gold with this gold net over the main part of them.

More progress on the bodice

The trim is on the overskirt!

The cream underskirt trimmed

Closer view of the trim

Overskirt is now attached to underskirt

How the shoes looked with the skirts with a flash

Same view of shoes without flash

Bodice attached to skirts!




No Flash

No flash

Mask made by a friend as well as wigns.  Wings were colored cream after this pic and silver glitter added

Closer view of wings and mask!

Started playing with the bugle beads to make the leaves on the trim as well as figuring out how to edge it.  the edging came out ok (I'm going to do it slightly differently but this one worked too).  The leaves will be easy but I haven't figured out how to make the flower shapes yet.  I like these pics because you can really see the sparkle of the crinkle silk.  I can't wait to see this fabric combination in candlelight!!

Here you can see two of the ill-fated bullion flowers.  They actually don't look too bad here; the difference in color is much more noticeable in real life.