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Lady Joker
Debut - DragonCon 2006  
Status - Active

This is probably my favorite new costume.  A friend of mine mentioned that she was getting together a group of girls to do Batman villains.  I had already done Poison Ivy so I wasn't very interested until I heard the twist.  We were going to be doing male villain but turning them into women characters!  Well for YEARS a friend of mine (Hi Shawn!) had been talking about how cool it would be for someone to do a female version of the Joker.  And so my costume was born.

I took the main colors for the Joker and used them; purple suit with orange vest and light blue tie.  I then took elements from several other renderings of female characters; mostly of Zatana and came up with my design.  The costume is all silk; silk velvet and silk dupioni for the orange vest.  I was going to line the coat with purple dupioni but the tails weren't hanging right and I removed it.

Looking forward to doing this costume again and with more girls next year!