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Mara Jade
Debut - Episode II DVD Release Event, Nov. 2002     Other Appearances - Imax events, Dallas Comicon, DragonCon
Status - In Re-work

Mara Jade is a Star Wars character that so far has only appeared in the SW books and comics, not the movies.  Mara started off as a bounty hunter but eventually turns from the Dark Side and becomes a Jedi who eventually becomes the wife of Luke Skywalker.  Most people don't recognize who exactly I'm supposed to be aside from a Jedi since I carry a lightsaber.  That's ok, the people that DO know who I'm supposed to be love this costume and that more than makes up for it.

I first started making his costume before DragonCon 2002 but ran out of time so it was put aside.  Come November 2002 when Episode II was released on the IMAX screens I finished putting it together.  Its fun to wear and quite flattering I think but it is extremely warm. 

My Original Mara costume has been sold to a friend in the New England Garrison and I am currently re-working a new and improved version!

Trooping with the 501st Star Garrison

New England Garrison IMAX event


Photo edited by Nick

Obi Wan and Mara

Jealous Luke?  ;)

DragonCon 2003 Pics